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11 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Electric Panel

How often should electrical panels be replaced?

It depends on various factors.

An electrical panel acts as the main power line to a home. With it, you can distribute electrical currents to circuits around the home to give energy to everything that requires it. This device is a part of the home that works quietly until it requires the occasional flip of a circuit breaker.

It is a valuable component of your home that requires good care and your awareness of 11 signs of a bad electrical control panel. Continue reading to learn more.

1. You Start to Experience Breakers Tripping

When your circuits are drawing too much power, your circuit breakers trip turning the power off to prevent an excessive flow of electricity. This function prevents major hazards and keeps your home safe from dangerous electrical accidents. However, if you notice this happens with frequency, it can be a sign that an upgrade of your electrical panel may be required.

When an electrical panel starts to malfunction, it begins to be ineffective in transporting an adequate flow of electricity causing frequent tripping of the breakers. If this happens to you, our licensed electricians at Phase Electric will ensure your electrical panel is properly diagnosed. If the panel needs to be replaced, our company ensures a guaranteed easy and timely installation.

2. You Just Installed a New Large Appliance

Before you can enjoy your beautiful new large appliance, you must check that your electrical panel has the capacity to handle the demand. If you are replacing your dishwasher or other large appliances, you have to consider the level of electrical draw it demands.

Many outlets and electrical panels are not appropriate for large appliances that demand high levels of electrical current. If you are unsure, our specialists can perform an electrical inspection of your whole home to help you find out which parts of your home need to be upgraded. We can ensure that you will be able to fulfill all your electrical needs safely.

3. Are you Starting to Hear Strange Noises?

You should never hear strange sounds coming from your electrical panel. It is a device that is designed to operate silently when in optimum condition. You might hear a click occasionally that indicates a flipped circuit breaker. However, if you start to hear any type of hissing or vibration, your electrical panel needs to be immediately inspected by a professional.

It is possible that the noise indicates a loose connection or bad wiring. If ignored, it can lead to a more complicated and expensive problem.

4. Your Electrical Panel Has Been Damaged

Depending on where is it located and the activity around it, it is possible for your electrical panel to be exposed to damage. If you know your electrical panel has been hit or damaged in any other way, you must have a licensed electrician examine it. It is possible that the whole panel needs replacement.

The experienced team at Phase Electric has the knowledge to handle various problems that arise with electrical panels. We ensure that your home is secure with all its electrical components up to standards.

5. Rust is Present on the Electrical Panel

Visible signs of rust indicate water damage to your electrical panel. It is considered to be an urgent problem. The rusted panel must be replaced immediately to avoid serious problems.

You must determine the source of the water damage to prevent it from becoming an ongoing issue. Perhaps you have a leak in your roof or faulty pipes. Once you have your electrical panel replaced, you must be vigilant of any leaks that can cause the rust to return.

6. Your Electrical Panel Utilizes Fuses Instead of Circuit Breakers

One clear indication that you are due for an upgrade on your electrical panel is that fuses are present. Fuse-based electrical panels are more complicated to own because you have to replace the whole fuse if it blows. However, with circuit breakers, you only need to flip a switch if the flow of electricity is interrupted.

Properties that have fused-based electrical panels are at risk for fires. This is due to the frequency in which fuses are installed too large allowing excess energy to flow through the circuit. These older electrical panel models are uncommon in our modern electrical infrastructure. They should be replaced by circuit breaker electrical panels immediately to avoid serious incidents.

7. You Don’t Have the Outlets Necessary to Operate Your Home

Some electrical panels don’t have the capacity to provide enough electricity to your home. If you often experience a lack of enough outlets throughout your home, it is likely your electrical panel needs an upgrade.

Although some find the use of a power strip helpful, it is not a good idea to demand a high level of electricity from an individual outlet. At Phase Electric, our electricians solve this issue by adding more dedicated circuits to your existing electrical panel to create new outlets.

If your existing electrical panel is not able to handle new circuits, it must be replaced with a new one that has enough dedicated circuits to run the number of outlets your home needs.

8. You Detect a Burnt Odor

Electrical panels that are in good condition should not have any type of smell. If you smell a burning scent coming from your electrical panel, it is best you stay clear from it and call an emergency electrician. At Phase Electric, we are available around the clock to assist you with any type of electrical emergency.

If you have a faulty circuit breaker, your home is at risk of an electrical fire. These fires are very serious consuming the entire home and possibly adjacent properties. A burnt smell is typically due to burnt wood or plastic inside the wall. Your electrical panel must be replaced immediately in this case.

9. Electrical Panel Feels Warm to the Touch

Besides being silent, your electrical panel is supposed to feel neutral in temperature to the touch. If it feels warm or hot, it is at risk of electrical fires because the panel regulates the heat in the system. Overheating can cause circuit breakers to trip, which is a sign that it must be inspected immediately.

As soon as you notice that your electrical panel is warm or hot to the touch, call Phase Electric for an emergency inspection to determine if it needs to be replaced.

10. You Notice Lights Flicker

Lights around your home should not flicker, they should be steady. Flickering can happen when you plug in an appliance such as your vacuum. However, it is a sign that your electrical panel can be replaced with one that can handle a higher draw of power.

11. Your Electrical Panel is More than 25 Years Old

Electrical panels are designed to last approximately 25-40 years. However, if it has reached 25 years of age, it must get regular inspections to detect the need for electrical panel repair or replacement.

How Much Does it Cost to Redo an Electrical Panel?

We hope these 11 signs that tell you it’s time to replace your electrical panel are useful to you. Our licensed electricians at Phase Electric are dedicated to serving your community with the highest standards of service in the industry.

How much does it cost to redo an electrical panel?
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