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Is It Safe To Replace A Circuit Breaker Yourself?

Professional Electricians will sometimes replace circuit breakers without even turning off the main power. This is not recommended if you plan on doing this yourself.

It is always best to contact a trained and certified electrician like Phase Electric to change your old or faulty circuit breaker as there may be underlying causes of why the breaker is damaged or keeps tripping and shutting off.

How Much Does It Cost To Change a Circuit Breaker?

It really depends on how many circuit breakers you are changing and if there are any other issues with the electrical system. If it is a typical circuit breaker by itself, prices range from around $250 on up but it is always best to contact us below for a quote for your project.

What Causes a Breaker to Keep Tripping?

If the circuit breaker keeps tripping it could be a sign of faulty or old wiring, power surges or something else wrong with the circuit, panel or wiring. Circuit overloads, faulty appliances, wiring shorts, ground faults, etc. and the list goes on. So get a quote from us today at
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IMPORTANT:  If you feel that there is an issue with your electricity, then immediately turn off the main power and contact us.

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