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Best Licensed Electrician Near Me in Los Angeles, CA

There can be nothing worse or more inconvenient than having the power supply go out in your home or office. And so, in a desperate attempt to restore the power to resume doing your activities and using your appliances again, people often reach out from the dark to call a certified and professional electrician.

A licensed Los Angeles electrician is an essential component of practically any functional L.A. based facility, be it a home or office. Most electrical problems are usually an emergent situation. So, when you need an electrician, you most likely need one that can deliver you fast, safe, professional, and reliable electrical services, such as Phase Electric.


Why Choose PhaseElectric? 

When finding a licensed Los Angeles electrician, you should remember a few essential things. While there are numerous criteria by which an electrician can be evaluated, two primary qualities that best depict if an electrician is a worthy provider of such an essential service are safety and reliability.

It’s because reliability and safety are the two most crucial considerations for any certified Los Angeles electrician on the technical side. Phase Electric fulfills both of these criteria, making it one of Los Angeles’s safest and most reliable licensed electricians to accommodate all your needs. 

At Phase Electric, we offer a comprehensive list of electrical installation services in Los Angeles and neighboring communities, along with professionalism and commitment. 

We understand electrical solutions are not something to be taken lightly and should only be trusted in the hands of the most proficient electricians. 

Moreover, dealing with electrical issues is not a piece of cake. Without acquiring an experienced, professional, licensed electrician’s services, you can risk your property and family’s lives. 

That is why, our utmost vision is to deliver the safest, top-rated, and most affordable electric solutions to offices, homes, rental properties, and even commercial buildings.

Our Electrician Services offered in Los Angeles

We take great pride in bringing out cost-effective and energy-efficient electrical panel installations and repairs, wiring solutions, residential and commercial electrical services, etc., with exquisite artistry and the industry’s top governing, premium quality materials, tools, and techniques.

Electrical Installations

Our team of experts knows and understands how much of a disruption an electrical installation project can be. Hence, we aim to work swiftly and efficiently to cater to your unique needs and preferences and minimize downtime, all while prioritizing your safety. 

Our Electrical Installations Services comprise the following:

  • Circuit breaker installation
  • Electrical panels
  • Switches and outlets installation
  • Stylish and decorative indoor and outdoor lighting installation
  • Ceiling fan installation

Electrical Repairs

Thousands of commercial and residential accidents are reported yearly due to faulty electrical materials and inadequate maintenance and repair. 

With years of industry-wide experience, you can be rest assured that our licensed electricians will get to the bottom of the problem and come up with an ideal solution before doing any electrical repair. 

You know you need electrical repair services if you are constantly tripping fuses, have a power loss, have damaged electrical boxes or outlets making a humming sound, etc. 

Therefore, our Electrical Repairs Services consist of the following:

  • General electrical troubleshooting
  • Electrical rewiring
  • Electric code violation repairs
  • Emergency electric repair
  • Locating faulty cable installations
  1. New Construction Electrical

Building a new home is exciting, which is why the entire home’s safety is worth ensuring. You can benefit from the most efficient and superior electrical wiring services when you choose to work with a licensed Los Angeles electrician like us. 

We at Phase Electric conduct a comprehensive consultation session with our customers to understand their needs and preferences and develop a customized plan. After that, you can trust our skilled electricians to do the job quickly and efficiently. This indicates your new home will be safer and function more efficiently for many years.

We offer the following electrical services for newly constructed homes and offices:

  • Switches and sockets
  • Full electrical wiring
  • A new generator system
  • Internal/external lighting
  • Electrical system installations
  • Wiring for electrical appliances

Residential Electrical

Whether you need to have your entire building rewired or have a generator installed, our expert technicians are just a call away from fulfilling all your residential electrical needs. 

At Phase Electric, our residential electricians are fully committed to delivering top-quality residential electrical services such as:

  • Fuse to circuit breaker changeovers
  • Ceiling fan installations
  • Electric service upgrades
  • Generator installation
  • Electrical troubleshooting

Commercial Electrical

No licensed electrical company in Los Angeles is deemed complete without the provision of commercial electrical services. So, when you need a fast, expedient, and reliable commercial electrician, turn to Phase Electric, and we’ve got all your needs covered. 

With several years of experience, we have the perfect tools, skills, ability, and training to attend to any sort of commercial electrical repair or installation. 

Whether you own a retail store, a hotel, or a hospital, we will complete your project within budget and on time while ensuring the highest quality, safety, and customer satisfaction. 

Our Commercial Services consist of:

  • Warehouse facility, office, and store lighting
  • Parking lot lighting installation and/or repair
  • New Construction
  • Office tenant, medical, and retail electrical build-outs
  • Heavy-duty circuit breakers

Electrical Panel Installation and Repairing

Your electrical panel is your home or workplace’s most crucial component. Improper panels can result in hazardous electric current levels, causing a short circuit and a fire. 

Moreover, the energy service in your home or office significantly depends on these electric panels and sub panels for the power supply from the primary electrical panel to other circuits. Thus, you must invest in regular repair and maintenance from time to time to ensure your electric panels are working correctly.

If the boards are not working like they are supposed to, your home or workplace can be at risk of bursting into flames. But you can be rest assured as our experts at Phase Electric take all the necessary measures to eliminate all sorts of dangerous power-related situations. 

In addition, we thoroughly examine your property’s electrical system to identify the root cause of the problem. 

Here are some signs that signify it’s time to get your electric panel repaired:

  • Your breaker panel is over 30 years old.
  • You experience frequent circuit trips.
  • Excessive power strips are being used due to a lack of outlets.
  • Your lights fluctuate or dim when multiple appliances are in use.

Besides electric panel repair services, most homes might also require installing a new electric panel. 

The following reasons might necessitate the installation of new electric panels:

  • Some fragments of your electric panel are eroded, damaged, or burnt out
  • Old/outdated panels that no longer function well
  • Enhanced separation of service by installing subpanels
  • The electric panel must carry a more significant level of power than it can handle

How Much Do Electrical Installation or Repair Services Cost?

If you have an electrical emergency or need a new panel installation or repair services for your home, our professional team is just a few minutes away. Contact now to get a free quote and let our experts guide you with all the information on all your electrical installation and/or repair needs.

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