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Should You Hire a Licensed Professional Electrician?

The short answer is: yes, absolutely! But why is certification so important, and what makes a licensed electrician stand out from the rest?

If you’re looking to have electrical work done on your property, whether it’s commercial or residential, you’re putting one of your greatest investments in someone else’s hands. Why wouldn’t you want to be sure that they’re the best hands possible? Shoddy electrical work is a danger to everyone, from the customer to the person performing the job. There are some things you just can’t cut corners with, and your home or business’s electrical system is one of them. Certification is no small matter, requiring time and dedication – the kind of time and dedication you want your electrician to bring to work with them.

What Does it Take to Become a Certified Electrician?

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To be employed as a professional electrician in the state of California, you’re going to need a C10 Electrical Contractor License. A general electrician certification requires 8,000 hours, or four years of experience at a journeyman level or higher. This process takes a combination of classroom instruction with hands-on training in the field, requiring a thorough understanding of theoretical concepts as well as the kind of practical knowledge you can only develop on the job.

In addition, you have to pass two exams – a law and business test and an electrical contractor test. These exams cover topics like safety, knowledge of electrical system requirements, installation know-how, and the basics of maintenance and repair.

All of this is to say that you can’t just wander into employment as a professional electrician. It takes real dedication to qualify for your license, with lots of hands-on experience in addition to studying for the exams you’ll have to successfully sit for. Neither can make up for the other, making both essential.

The Phase Electric team is made up entirely of certified professionals with years of experience in the areas of commercial and residential electrical work.

Why Are Our Electricians Certified?

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Phase Electric only works with licensed and certified electrical professionals. A trade license is proof of your experience and skills, and we want only the most experienced and skilled electricians working on your projects. Our electricians are certified for work on your commercial or residential electrical system in the Los Angeles area, including Pasadena, Inglewood, Culver City, and more. We’re insured and authorized to pull building permits and ensure that our work on your build passes inspection.

There are a few things you should keep in mind when you’re shopping for help from an electrician, depending on the nature of your job – but whether you need work done on a new build or a historical home, your key concerns will probably include budget, safety, and reputation. Some things can’t be compromised, and you definitely don’t want to cheap out when you’re hiring an electrician. Finding LA area electricians who are affordable, safe, and well-regarded in the field doesn’t have to take a ton of work. Reading reviews is a good way to start, and we’re proud to say that we’re only satisfied with a 100% customer satisfaction rating. Do your homework. Ask for a quote, and schedule an on-site consultation with a member of our certified team of electricians so you can be sure for yourself that we’re the right LA-area electric contractors for you.





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