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What’s the Difference Between Residential and Commercial Electric?

You may have noticed that we proudly advertise both residential and commercial electrical services. In fact, most electrical technicians only provide one type of service – but here at Phase Electric, we pride ourselves on being ready to handle any kind of electrical need that presents itself. Let’s learn a bit about what makes residential and commercial electrical service needs unique from each other, and what makes Phase Electric uniquely qualified to provide both services.

Residential Electrical

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A residential electrician is typically responsible for installing, repairing, and updating electrical systems, light fixtures, wiring, power outlets, and circuit boards in residential properties. 

In the case of new builds, this extends to ensuring the safety of the project and following code compliance requirements.

Commercial Electrical

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A commercial electrician’s work isn’t so different from a residential electrician’s at first glance. They’re also responsible for installing, repairing, and updating electrical systems. But their work takes place at a larger scale, and they can be expected to work on transformers and generators in commercial buildings like office parks, shopping centers, schools, and more.

Key Differences

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So where do these two tracks really diverge? One key difference is in the supplies and equipment used on the job – including the power supply itself. Typically residential electricians will work with 120V-240V systems. Commercial electricians, on the other hand, are equipped to handle 120V-480V systems, a significantly higher voltage meant to support the higher load a place of business will typically demand.

This difference in voltage translates to a difference in the equipment required to manage it, of course. Domestic electricians are able to use thinner gauge wiring with less insulation and sheathing than what’s expected of commercial cables. Commercial electricians work with larger wiring systems with tube conduits better suited for large commercial spaces and power supplies. 

The system’s location is another area where commercial and residential electrical differs. In homes, wiring and cables are meant to be discreet, and panels are kept somewhere unobtrusive. In commercial structures, however, electrical systems are often designed to be more accessible for easier maintenance.

Due to the size and complexity of commercial projects, commercial electricians can expect to have to put in more hours toward certification as well – thousands more, in some cases. Before you hire an electrician for your residential or commercial site, make sure you’re hiring a licensed and certified electrician who’s qualified to work on your location. You can’t afford to skimp on experience!

Phase Electric’s Electricians

So are we residential electricians, or commercial electricians? Good news! The Phase Electric team is made up of both residential and commercial electricians. So whatever your electrical needs, we have licensed and skilled team members ready to get to work.

What can you expect when you hire Phase Electrical Services? You can anticipate the electrical work on your property being handled by licensed and insured electrical technicians, affordable services, and emergency availability 24/7. Our award-winning contractors prioritize customer satisfaction. We guarantee we’ll handle your project with the utmost respect and care. We utilize the latest technologies in the electrical industry with the goal of completing your job quickly and safely. 

There are a lot of things we pride ourselves on, from our transparent pricing to our communication skills. But don’t just take our word for it – feel free to check out our reviews for feedback from our happy customers. Contact us for a quote to



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