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Your New Build Electrical Must-Haves

It’s finally happening! You’ve secured a piece of great real estate, and you’re finally building the home of your dreams. You’ve probably agonized over the blueprints, making sure there’s enough room for your family’s needs, and the work has begun at last – as the foundations are laid and the frame is built, you can start to see the bones of the house that will become your home.

But there’s more to a house than that. You’ve considered the right windows for prime natural lighting, and the kind of insulation it’ll take to keep you from feeling the worst of the local climate. But have you thought about your house’s electrical setup?

Powering Your New Home

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Typically an electrical walkthrough will take place after the “rough-in” stage, after your home’s frame is up and before the drywall is installed. This is the point where you’ll consult with your builder and your certified electrician about where you expect to have fixtures, outlets, and light switches installed. It may sound straightforward, but in reality it’s anything but. Here are some important questions you might consider before making any big decisions:

How many outlets does a house need? That’s going to depend on your individual needs. Many an old home was built without outlets in the bathroom, because who would need such a thing? Next thing you know, you’re blow-drying your hair in the hallway. Do you plan to keep an electric toothbrush in the bathroom? Consider installing outlets with USB ports for ease of charging electronics where they belong, or you’ll find yourself charging your toothbrush on the kitchen counter.

Where do you anticipate running the most cables in your house? Have you picked out where the Christmas tree will go up, if you plan to have one? For that matter, what about outdoor lighting? Will you have floodlights installed, or do you plan on finally setting up that patio theater complete with the projector and sound system you’ve always wanted?

Would you like dimmer switches for the bedroom lights, or light switches connected to the power source for bedside and standing lamps? Where will the electrical panel be installed?

Where do you anticipate laying wiring for your home’s internet connection? Will you go with a cutting-edge fiber optic installation, or invest in Cat6 or Cat6A cables with POE (power-over-ethernet)?

Do you live in an area that sees a lot of snow in the winter? Consider investing in a snow-melting system for your driveway, so you can avoid having to bundle up to shovel out your vehicles whenever you need to leave the house.

Write down the electrical fixtures and features you absolutely can’t live without before meeting with your electrician. A licensed and certified electrician like a member of the Phase Electric team will know the best ways to make your dreams a reality.

Why Hire Certified Electricians?

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Phase Electric are certified electricians in the greater Los Angeles area. Whether you’re looking to wire a new build or making renovations to an existing home or commercial property, our Los Angeles electricians are ready to work with you to make your wishes a reality. We’ll go over your desired electrical plan with you in order to make sure that they’re as economical and functional as possible, saving you from any headaches down the road.

Don’t know where to start? That’s no problem. Our skilled and experienced electricians can help you with the logistics, ensuring that your house is safely and efficiently wired according to all your needs.



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